It is only in the vast reaches of the outback that you will come across the very essence of Australia. If you ever wished to journey through one of the most astonishing landscapes on earth, then you must surely not skip the Red Centre. There, you can marvel at the landforms of the region and find out how they formed, see the luminous night sky full of million stars, and discover the fascinating local flora and fauna.
With dozens of tours, local activities and attractions within the Resort and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, you’ll be sure of one thing: your days will be action-packed. Whether you're wondering about the ancient culture of Anangu or simply swaying astride a camel, you have entered a place full of wonder.
Ayers’s Rock, or Uluru, offers not only a beautiful vista and fascinating legends, but also unforgettable experiences. Among the many things you can do there, are indigenous guided tours, through which you can learn of the Aboriginal traditions from the local Indigenous guides.
Also, if you’re into exploring and the great outdoors, you can enjoy a session of sunrise and sunset viewing over Uluru. When the sun hits the Rock just right, it’s magical! Or, you can embark on a fact finding journey through the southern night sky. Simply take a moment to explore the night with telescopes and binoculars – who knows what you can find?
Now, if you’re a little bit on the adrenaline junkie side, rest assured, you can enjoy scenic flights and motorcycle tours! Sweep over the spectacular Rock for amazing close ups or see the Uluru for the first time from the back of a Harley Davidson!
Throughout the year, Ayers Rock plays host to a number of special experiences and major annual events. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit one of the great wonders of nature, only here in Australia.

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