Though we know Canberra is the capital city in Australia and Australian politics, not much has been talked about it in terms of living there compared to other cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Canberra was recently mentioned on Channel Ten’s [10’s] the Project being described as an ideal place to live. Nice surroundings and lush environmental settings with a very friendly feel from the locals who live there, however the night-life could do with a little more activities.

The cost of living is comparable and pretty much on-par with the other popular cities, the only downside would be the weather during the night time, if you are already complaining about the Melbourne cold, that’s nothing compared to the ACT as it can almost reach sub-zero.

On the bright side though, there are many national attractions to visit and see (free of charge), such as the -
• Australian War Memorial
• National Gallery of Australia
• National Portrait Gallery
• National Museum of Australia
• National Archives of Australia
• National Library of Australia
• National Film and Sound Archive
• Canberra Glassworks

The median level of housing costs apparently are (current figures as of today’s date);
• 3 bedroom house rent: $430 per week
• 3 bedroom house price: $535,000.00
• 2 bedroom unit / flat / town house rent: $392.50 per week
• 2 bedroom unit / flat / town house price: $420,000.00
• Vacancy rate: 4.2%


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