PaperBeing surrounded by art CommentsComments off ClockAugust 13, 2014 at 11:30 AM

The young at heart, the hip and the insanely artistic all have one thing in common, they are ultra-cool under their plain and ordinary exteriors. They love art and the retro fitted environment of inner city suburbia, as they flock to live and rent there. Recently the RentWith team had posted some really cool images (photo pics) of urban art on old and local Melbourne buildings/structures on our facebook page - and instagram posts, you definitely have to check them out, awesome artwork! Also stay tuned as more photos will be uploaded and shared across both (the two) social media platforms just mentioned.

We would really love to hear from you, feel free with writing to us @ about your ideas and thoughts on urban art suburbs or places.

PaperRental rates skyrocketing upwards CommentsComments off ClockAugust 06, 2014 at 5:45 AM

As the cost of living is trending northwards so is the cost of renting, though the unemployment rate have somewhat stabilised recently, yet everyday living expenses continues to soar higher and higher. In some instances due to rental increase (stress), many tenants are being priced out of certain working class suburbs. In one particular case, a tenant stated that he had even pawned a bunch of things to cut costs anyway possible because you're spending the majority of your money on rent (rent being so expensive, to a point where people have to start selling their personal goods to keep their heads above water). Especially for those who are either unemployed or working several hours here and there are feeling the pinch the most with the rental pricing continues to soar, others that are also affected are local tertiary students and those who are on pension payments, some even spend up to 60% of their income supplement on paying their rent. Concerns have been raised and the Australian Government are being criticised, some commenting that there isn’t any national debates on this topic, though it’s reaching a national crisis level, further calling this a blind spot in this country.

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PaperPersonalised listings coming soon CommentsComments off ClockJuly 31, 2014 at 12:30 AM

RentWith ( is really pleased to announce the launch of our newly rental listing management platform (system) in the next coming weeks. What does this actually mean for property owners and real estate agents? Property owners and/or landlords alike, or even renters who wish to lease out shared accommodation can soon list their rental properties on and benefit from the prime search results being placed right on the top, at key totem positions. This will allow for searchers to easily see the listing(s) as it will appear more prominent and visible on the site.

Stick around to be informed of further updates, in the meanwhile, should anyone have any questions about the listing platform, please send in your queries to

PaperDoing your homework CommentsComments off ClockJuly 25, 2014 at 5:30 AM

Patience and careful research has shown us that time and time again are the keys to finding the ideal rental home, and at a bargain price or a good rental deal. It is sometimes difficult when we are emotionally excited and in a hurry to rent out a place, but rushing into things will only cause regret and disappointment when you find out a disturbing fact not too long after you have moved in, you may discover that there's a property not too far away with more space, has a gym, closer to a shopping strip or public transport and cheaper than your current place. The lesson here is to be disciplined enough to investigate and look around before impulsively committing to any one property, have inspections with multiple real estate agents (property managers). It’s a good idea to invest a little time, perhaps half a weekend day to walk through several properties to get a good feel or positive vibe about the rental, and don't forget to scope out the nearby areas to see what is close by and/or if it's accessible to the things that are most important to you.

Tell us what you think is critical when it comes to renting your idea property, you can reach us by writing to

PaperDealing with property managers CommentsComments off ClockJuly 17, 2014 at 6:00 AM

We often hear about dodgy tenants and irresponsible landlords, however there is another party we seem not to hear much of, but there are way too many stories with bad experiences with dealing with property managers to ignore. We would hear things like; property managers failing to get back to the tenant in a reasonable time-frame with fixing issues of maintenance or worse, lack of care and this can be shown in an obvious manner, or not taking the tenant’s request seriously and promptly. With the many complaints growing, this is definitely a service area that desperately needs improving as they (the property managers ) have a responsibility with looking after the landlord’s rental property by looking after the needs of the tenant, this ensures that all parties win in this situation! It’s not the most professional look, when a property manager visits and inspects the property once every 6 months, and not really having seen the original condition report before-hand, this particular instance was found on a popular forum. Another example was; the rental price did not match the property description and people were coming through felt deceived, the property was even listed in the wrong area, once quoted by Linda Perry, the mother of a propery owner that had plans to list her property. This is a perfect example of over promising and under delivering by the real estate property manager.

So you ask, how do I effectively deal with these types of property manages?
It is also esitmated that on an annually basis, approximate 20,000 tenants are assisted by the Tenants Union Tenants through direct dealings, by telephone or their web portal [Union of Victoria - W: and Ph: 9416 2577]. A large proportion of these calls are directly relating to property manager complaints.
This can be anything from bullying, scare tactics (intimidation), harassment and to cases of unlawful discriminatory behaviour, this can include, but not limited to people's marital status, religion, race (cultural background), and disabilities.
Another threat that property managers commonly use on tenants are blacklisting them (the tenants) on the tenancy register.
Other bodies that tenants can access are; VCAT, Consumer Affairs or in some cases both, if there has been a breach of the Residential Tenancies Act. Instances of discrimination, tenants can take this course of action under the Equal Opportunity Law. Discussions can also be held with the Estate Agent Resolution Service about the conduct of a bad property manager.

Let us know if you had faced or dealt with a similar situation and how you went about obtaining an effective resolution, please write to us to